The Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Riding a Jet Ski | Fly Jet Ski The Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Riding a Jet Ski | Fly Jet Ski

The Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Riding a Jet Ski

Jet Ski Rental NYC

If you ever wondered what riding a jet ski feels like, imagine racing a quad bike on water instead of land. Majestic waves of adrenaline rush through you when you accelerate to 60 mph in seconds without risking your safety as much because water is a better cushion than concrete.

Unless you have a jetpack to navigate such speeds in the comfort of your backyard, the best way to experience the most thrilling ride is by renting a high-octane jet ski for the weekend. Here are some useful tips to help you become an expert in no time. This article will help you get back home safely to boast about your new favorite watersport until your loved ones get sick of hearing about how superb jet skiing is.

Is It Safe to Ride a Jet Ski?

Unless you are busy listening to the latest hits on Spotify while your NYC rentals company provides instructions on the day of your ride, every activity in the world has some level of risk. For example, even going out for a walk down the street can be risky if someone is clumsy and forgot to tie their shoelaces. Always listen to your guides and take precautions to avoid injuries during your ride.

What to Wear

Any comfortable bathing suit that may or may not make you look like Borat is a great start. Jet ski riders must also wear their swimsuits with a life vest if they lose balance and go for an unexpected splash in the water. On cold or windy days in NYC, you should wear a wetsuit to keep yourself warm.

What to Bring

Bring a GPS device to avoid getting lost and a whistle or horn to attract attention if you need assistance.  Your hands might get blisters from the throttle depending on how hard your grip is, so you may feel comfortable putting on a pair of water-resistant gloves until you get used to the controls.

You also need to wear a coast guard approved PFD or life jacket even if it does not feel fashionable enough for Instagram because your safety is paramount. If you are renting from us, we can take care of the safety and regulatory features and provide all the equipment you need for your ride. Finally, never forget to bring your sense of fun and adventure because you will be buzzing with the broadest grin the entire time you are out on the water.

How to Ride a Jet Ski

When you climb onto the seat of your rented jet ski, make sure you feel comfortable because you will spend a lot of time in this position. Then you should put your hands on the bars and plant your feet on the footrests on the sides. You should have a lanyard around your wrist that holds the ignition key. This is also called the kill switch cord to help you shut the engine if you fall off.

Use this to start your jet ski, like turning your car on, and gently push the throttle in towards yourself. Cruise down the water slowly until you become more confident in controlling the speed and throttle. When you are further away from the shore where there are no swimmers or boats nearby, you can experiment with increasing the speed while maintaining your balance. To avoid capsizing while turning, keep your body weight balanced in the center.

Make sure you go over the safety rules provided by your NYC rentals company because a jet ski is considered a Class A vessel by the coast guard. Avoid riding too fast for the first time so you can always stay in control of the speed. New riders usually have trouble keeping their jet ski straight, and the best way to do this is by lifting your head up and looking off into the distance instead of staring at the handlebars.

Water shoots out the back of your jet ski to make it propel forward, and this moves side to side to steer the vehicle. Therefore, you risk losing all the thrust and can no longer drive if you stop or slow down. If you need to avoid crashing in case of an emergency, do not pull your finger off the throttle because you cannot steer away from the immediate danger. Always maintain some speed while turning and reboard your jet ski from the stern if you briefly get dunked in the water.

After your first ride, you may feel sore in the shoulders because many new jet ski enthusiasts tend to hold onto the bars for dear life. Try to avoid this by leaning forward a little while relaxing your grip. You should also bend your shoulders a little to prevent muscle fatigue. If you have a friend sitting behind, get them to hold you by the waist and dress them up in cool life vests too. It takes time and practice to get the hand of climbing and riding a jet ski. However, it is one of the most addicting watersports that will keep you rushing back for more because the adrenaline is nothing less than mind-blowing.