Looking for Fun Activities for the Summer? Go Jet-Ski Riding in New York | Fly Jet Ski Looking for Fun Activities for the Summer? Go Jet-Ski Riding in New York | Fly Jet Ski

Looking for Fun Activities for the Summer? Go Jet-Ski Riding in New York

Looking for Fun Activities for the Summer? Go Jet-Ski Riding in New York 

New York is the beacon of freedom and The American Dream, which is why it would be a crime not to visit the city during a summer holiday. It is the world’s leading metropolis for fashion, art, theater, and scrumptious food.

Few experiences in life can be as humbling as seeing Manhattan’s skyscrapers in the backdrop with the Statue of Liberty towering proudly, representing all that is charming about New York City. However, the crowds can be wild, especially during the holidays. To beat the commute and exchange the hustle and bustle for a one-of-a-kind peek into the city , go on jet skis instead.

Why See New York From a Jet-Ski?

The beauty of sites like Verrazano Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and the richness of all five boroughs is unparalleled, especially when you are not lost in the busy crowds. Instead of taking the ferry to Staten Island, imagine being merely a few feet away from the Statue of Liberty to see it up close, unlike any other experience. The views across the city from the water are awe-inspiring from a jet-ski.

There is no better tour to communicate a sense of this magnificent city’s vastness within the context of both surrounding land and sea. If you felt your heart pumping upon seeing the Empire State Building as if it was the wildest adventure of your dreams, prepare for a real treat when you are comfortable riding your own jet-ski and taking the kind of photos only legends can achieve.

Our Most Unique New York City Tours on Water

Imagine getting an exclusive tour of the world’s most famous city as you race across the ripples of the ocean while feeling a lot of exciting emotions. Jet skiing with friends or even on a solo trip is the most exhilarating drug addiction experience , one that you will be bragging about for years to come. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of catching all your favorite sites without getting stuck in traffic.

Jet ski New York tours are beyond safe because you will always be in the presence of the most fun tour guides who know everything about equipment, safety, and fun facts about the city. They will have you laughing and smiling the entire trip while ensuring your well-being to give you the best ride of your life.

There are no limits to jet ski rentals NYC if you choose FlyJetski because we have all the top models like Yamaha, Sea-doo, Kawasaki, Bombardier, Polaris, Honda, Arctic Cat, AquaTrax, and so much more. You will be given a thorough briefing before starting the tour, and then off you will go with all the freedom New York encompasses to capture spectacular selfies and GoPro videos at the most jaw-droppingly stunning sights picked exclusively for you.

Pros of Jet-Ski Rentals New York

Even though most people believe that jet skiing is a pricey adventure, unlike most activities you may plan during a vacation, going on a jet-ski is the most inexpensive way to see all your favorite locations around NYC. NYC tours on water do not cost a lot, so you can save plenty of money while experiencing an unbeatable thrill.

Instead of booking several months in advance and paying a fortune for dozens of separate tours, you only need to reserve one spot on a modern and safe jet-ski. Then your tour guide will guide you the rest of the way. Compared to other water sports, jet skis are easy to control. Anyone can learn and use them without any problems. This is also a fantastic activity to improve your cardiovascular system. It is the only tour you will walk away from feeling healthier than ever to enjoy the world-famous NYC pizza after your tour.

Cons of Jet-Ski Rental New York

When people hear the word jet-ski, they often fear going for an unexpected swim if a wave crashes or if their ride tips over. You may be worried about the risk of injury if you are riding for the first time. Unlike walking tours , it is recommended to wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket and some gloves to prevent blisters from gripping the throttle. However, we have got you covered to give you the best NYC tours on water.

Even though we encourage letting yourself speed a little and enjoy the experience, we only select the calmest waters, so you never have to worry about running into a wave or falling in. We also provide all the equipment and supplies you need for the trip, so you never need to bring anything except your enthusiasm and craving for an adrenaline-pumping ride of a lifetime. FlyJetski takes significant pride in its safe and reliable jet ski NYC tours. Our instructors are the most highly skilled and hilarious people you will ever meet. We also have a special relationship with the Coast Guard to guarantee your safety and conduct immediate rescue operations if necessary.

All our jet skis for New York City Tours come with vehicle registration and proper documentation. We strictly follow all the regulatory and safety features, so you can embark on the best exploration quest across the concrete jungle where dreams are made of in the most fun and cost-effective way.